FAQs:   Portable Restroom Rentals & Septic Tank Pumping

How many portable toilets are needed for the average construction project?
Industry standards recommended that there should be at least 1 portable toilet per 10 workers for an 8-10 hour workday. It is also recommended that the portable toilet unit be serviced and pumped weekly or bi-weekly. View our Work Sites page for more information.
How many portable restroom rentals will I need for my guests at my special event?
View our Port-A-Jon Rental Planning Chart to see exactly how many port-a-jon rental units are recommended for your special event. The number of guests attending and the duration of the event are the key factors in determining how many portable restroom rental units will be needed.
How many uses are available before the typical portable restroom holding tank fills up and needs to be serviced?
Typically, portable restrooms contain a 50-60 gallon holding tank, and will fill up after approximately 75 uses. If you are using our "Port-A-Jon Rental Planning Chart" (see above link) to estimate the number of restrooms needed for your guests or patrons, the portable toilets will likely fill to capacity after about 6 hours of steady use.
What type of special outdoor events usually require the need for portable restroom rental units?
Mr. Cesspool provides affordable port-a-john rental units at outdoor weddings, anniversaries, graduations, ceremonies, family gatherings, cookouts, parties, golf tournaments, sporting events, outdoor concerts & festivals, parades, political events, entertainment & show business events, and much more.
What types of work projects use portable restroom rental units?
Mr. Cesspool provides portable restroom rental units and dependable porta-jon maintenance at MA RI & NH work sites, construction job sites, highway construction project sites, film shoots, and many other commercial, industrial, and business work sites.
Will Mr. Cesspool provide portable toilet waste disposal services?
Yes. Mr. Cesspool will provide professional waste disposal services for all of its rented portable toilets and related sanitary products.
What is the correct terminology for portable toilets?
People refer to portable toilets in many ways: port-a-johns, port-a-jons, porta-johns, porta-jons, porta johns, porta jons, port-a-potties, porta-potty, porta potty, portable restrooms, portable sanitation units, sani-jons, port-a-san, comfort stations, portable lavatory, tidy john, john to go, toi-toi, port-a-loo, and many other names - some of which are very amusing!