Our Services:   Septic Tank Pumping, Drain Cleaning, & More!

Mr. Cesspool features state-of-the-art septic service vehicles with vacuum & high pressure waterhoses. These septic trucks have the ability to carry up to four tons of septic waste at a time. All of our septic trucks are efficient, well-euipped, and well-maintained, ensuring that our septic service vehicles are always ready for timely service for our valued customers throughout eastern Massachsetts, southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Septic Pumping and System Maintenance:

MA RI NH septic tank pumping and septic system maintenance

Same day (emergency) or next day service available. 5,000 gallon capacity vacuum truck. Experienced and reliable servicemen.

We can also locate systems for you, and in most cases, all pumps are done from the street or driveway, with no contact with the lawn.

We recommend pumping your system once a year to maintain a healthy system.

Power Jet Service:

We recommend to power jet your complete septic system approximately every eight (8) to ten (10) years.

This is a high pressure jetting that cleans out your entire septic system, leaching field, and bee-hive. The power jet service is also treated with liquid bacteria and enzyme to keep your septic system running smoothly.

Drain Cleaning Service:

Mr. Cesspool now offers complete commercial and residential drain cleaning services throughout our southern New England service area.

Bacteria & Enzyme Grease Digestant Product:

We sell a year's supply [twelve (12) packets used once a month] of this easy-to-use septic cleaning product to keep your septic system running properly.

If you use anti-bacterial soap, you are killing bacteria, which your septic system needs.

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Service:

Mr. Cesspool now offers restaurant grease trap cleaning services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

The trained professionals at Mr. Cesspool will collect grease and cooking oil waste from your restaurant or food servicing site, clean the grease traps, and collect & transport the grease and waste from the restaurant or food servicing site.